Adult Lingerie 101 – An Extensive Guide to Terminologies

After our research on what counts as lingerie and what doesn’t? We can safely conclude anything can be labeled lingerie with the right amount of labeling and historical backup. Going over to the sexier side of the lingerie, the adult lingerie, this section can be easily sorted out because it has a clearly defined idea around it. It’s all about the erotica, here, all roads lead to sexy.

Adult lingerie is most commonly made of lace or silk and is always loose fitted or snug enough to accentuate the wearer’s sexy features. A great rule of thumb to purchasing adult lingerie is it’s fitting. Can it be taken off easily? Is it comfortable?

Baby doll

It is a short nightgown made of popular lingerie fabrics (for example -lace, silk, or chiffon). They usually come with spaghetti straps and are commonly designed with ruffles and bows. Babydolls share a lot of similarities with the chemise.


You turn out sexy without trying once you put on your bodystocking. They are not limited to only the legs, but the arms and torso can house a body stocking. You can find a variety of these bodystockings, namely: sheer, lace, fishnets, crotchless body stockings, strapless bodystocking on adult superstore. Don’t let the small size fool you into searching for a larger size, 80-90% of this lingerie are one-size-fits-all. They aren’t exactly adult lingerie, but we can’t deny the sensual touch they add to every outfit, whether paired with another piece of clothing or not.


This bustier resembles a corset and is meant to extend from your breasts to your hips. Looking to highlight your torso shape? Try this out. Always go for a smaller size as these aren’t meant to fit like clothes but hug your body figure (they are all meant to be flexible, all of them come embedded with elastic). Some come with shoulder straps, and others do not. The most common ones are fitted with detachable garters. They are closely related to the Corset.


These are worn over the breast not as a bra, but as a sexy alternative to one. Outside being sexy, the camisole can also be used as an inner garment (sometimes in the place of a bra) for sleeveless clothes with a wide arm cut. Some come with shoulder straps, and others do not.


There is, in this present day, an array of assorted choices for the chemise seekers. This is must-have adult lingerie, whether you are looking for something to get the mood going or just a nightgown. They typically come cut in the A-line shape and never extend over the knees. The feel of the smooth, silky material they are mostly made of on your clean body after a refreshing shower is enough to turn you the wearer on with little or no effort.


Ever watch an old English movie and see all the ladies spotting an hourglass figure? Many of them wear corsets. Corsets are tight-fitting lingerie that fit snuggly from below your breasts to your hips. Unlike the bustier, all corsets have a skeleton of some sort to frame your hourglass figure sharply. For its hook, some come with garters and some with laces.


To understand better what a garter is, if you’ve never owned one, it’ll be easier to think of them as bra straps that do not have the clips at the ends. Complete with high stockings, they attach to a garter belt and are a delight in foreplay. Garters are not restricted to garter belts; they can also be used with a chemise, a pant, or an armhole tank. Bridal garters are worn around the thighs.

Garter Belt

Popular adult lingerie and a favorite amongst the men and women alike, the garter belt completes the garter by holding them in place. Designers have been creative with this piece, and you can easily find them made of something sexy (think leather, lace).


A sheer delight for the adult lingerie lovers, teddies are a combination of a camisole and a panty. Think of a loose-fitting swimsuit made of sexy material. They are cut with sexy in mind. Some of them are cut dipping low into the back; others barely cover your tits, and others are cut at the side. With teddies, there are no specific rules on how they should be cut, and if it’s sexy, then it’s a Teddie.