Comprehend the Process of Jeep Hardtop Lift and Eliminating of the Hardtop

A hardtop lift helps in removing the hardtop of the jeep. It is also the easiest and safest way to keep your jeep top intact without causing any damage to yourself or the jeep. A hardtop, replicating its name, is hard and heavy that there is a need for several people to help without causing damage. Thus, it is recommended to buy a jeep hardtop lift.

Process of eliminating jeep hardtop

There are several steps to follow if you wish to take off the jeep hardtop using a hardtop lift:

  • Start by eliminating the jeep freedom panels if your wrangler is the 4-door model.
  • Next, unlock the clips at the back. These are mostly in black, and six numbers used to hold to the jeep frame the panel.
  • Unscrew from the sounder the two screws and remove the panels.
  • Push the tab and free the wire connector. The unplugged wire connector makes the fluid hose-free that it can be removed with ease.
  • The hardtop has three bolts to each side. Remove the six bolts and release the hardtop of the jeep.

Now that the jeep hardtop becomes free strap to the lift hooks and just follow as per the given instructions. Using the jeep hardtop lift, electrical or mechanical, lift the hardtop. Ensure the hooks stay firm to the frame. In case there are wheels beneath the frame, use to roll the hardtop so that it is safe in the storage space.

In case you are not keen on storing the hardtop on the ceiling, ensure to build in your garage a frame so that you can store it conveniently. You may require four poles to make on the top a track, as this will enable you to keep your hardtop secure.

Durability of hardtop

The jeep hardtop lift should be of high-quality. The top lift in stainless steel high-grade is the best. This is because it assures durability by serving for a lifetime. It is also rust-resistant. Generally, the jeep hardtop lift is as rope or cable pulleys. They also are sturdy but need replacement within a few years. However, the stainless-steel hardtop lift or hoists are long-standing, thereby eliminates the possibilities of hardtop snapping off or falling onto your jeep floor.

Looking out for a hardtop life is unavoidable as you cannot manage it all alone and so looking out for a hardtop removal process that is stress-free and assures safety is important. You may go through the various availabilities and buy the one that is fast, safe, and simple, offering a suitable portable option.


The past days had gone when people had to seek assistance or help from others to remove their jeep hardtop safely.  The hardtop of the jeep is highly functional, and it serves the jeep owners effectively that the jeep owners have to buy jeep hardtop lift to ensure lifting the hardtop carefully. As the hardtop lift is an impartial unit, the doors and the roof are protected safely from damage.